BOC Agenda: 06-01-2017


JUNE 1, 2017
7:00 P.M.


1. Roll Call

2. Call to order by Mayor Carroll
A. Prayer and Pledge

3. Approval of the Agenda

4. Public Hearing

5. Citizen Comments (Limited to the first 5 citizens to sign in and a limit of 3 minutes each).

6. Awards and/or Recognitions

7. Public Announcements

8. Staff Comments

9. Approval of the Minutes
A. May 18, 2017 Board of Commissioners Meeting

10. Consent Agenda Consisting of Items as Follows

11. Old Business

12. New Business
10.A. Certificate of Compliance Renewal for Fairview Liquors and Fine Wines
10.B. Ordinance #2017-10, An Ordinance of the City of Fairview, Tennessee, Adopting the Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2017 and Ending June 30, 2018
10.C. Review Process for Bond Renewal – Burks
10.D. Resolution 16-08, A Resolution to Require Appearance by All Persons, Companies or Entities (or Their Duly Authorized Representative/Agent) Requesting Appearance or Requesting to Conduct any Business with Any Board, Commission or Staff Member(s) of the City of Fairview, Tennessee.
10.E. Resolution 09-17, A Resolution Adopting a Public Records Policy
10.F. Ordinance #2017-13, An Ordinance to Amend City of Fairview, Tennessee, Municipal code, Title 8, “Alcoholic Beverages,” Chapter 2, “Beer,” Section 8-203 “Beer Board Established.”
10.G. Ordinance #2017-14, An Ordinance to Amend City of Fairview, Tennessee, Municipal Code, Title 13, “Property Maintenance Regulations,” Chapter 4, “Tree Planting and Protection,” Section 13-403 “Establishment of a Tree Commission.”
10.H. Ordinance #2017-15, An Ordinance to Amend City of Fairview, Tennessee, Municipal Code, Title 2, “Boards and Commissions,” Chapter 3, “Park Commission,” Section 2-302. “Membership and Section 2-304. “Terms.”
10.I. Addendum C – Extension to the Interlocal Agreement between Williamson County and the City of Fairview for the Provision of Periodic Road Work and Maintenance to Municipal Roads

13. City Manager Items for Discussion
A. Miscellaneous Updates
B. City Attorney Comments

14. Communications from the Mayor and Commissioners

15. Adjournment



This entire Agenda and all the attached documents for the Board of Commissioners meeting for the date noted herein is a draft and subject to change in accordance with the City Charter, State Statutes, and applicable City Ordinance(s) through the date the Board of Commissioners Meeting is conducted.

Any matters that may be added to the agenda after this posting or the night of the actual meeting will not be included in this posting. It is anticipated such matters will be held to a minimum but the City reserves the absolute right to add any item to the Agenda in accordance with applicable Statutes and or Ordinances.