**Unless you, or a representative for you, spoke to the Court Clerk to obtain a new court date, dates were reset as follows;

Original Court DateLast name begins withReset Court Date
3/27/2020A to J5/15/2020
3/27/2020K to Z6/12/2020
4/3/2020A to J5/29/2020
4/3/2020K to Z6/26/2020
4/17/2020A to J6/12/2020
4/17/2020K to Z7/10/2020
5/1/2020All cases7/24/2020
5/15/2020A to G7/10/2020
5/15/2020H to Z8/7/2020

Traffic court begins at 8:00 AM and the criminal dockets start at 8:30 AM.

If you are unsure of your court date, contact the clerk’s office at 615-799-2484.

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