Image of a Public Works professional leaning over wearing a white helmet with a shovel handle in his hands. To the right appears to be a front loader with some mud in the loader's bucket. The background is covered with gravel and the entire image appears to be a current work or construction site.

Public Works Supervisor: Todd Bratcher

TEL: (615) 799-0353
FAX: (615) 799-1383

The Street Department performs a variety of services during the year. Summer months require mowing and maintenance of the right-of-way and intersections. Also the school zone signals and traffic lights are the responsibility of this department. During the warm weather, the department also paves and resurfaces city streets and patches potholes and cuts in the pavement due to construction. The Street Department also provides leaf removal and a chipping service to remove limbs, due to tree maintenance and storm damage. However trees taken down by commercial tree contractors are the responsibility of the contractor or the property owner.