Records Request

Open Records Request

To view or request copies of open records, please complete a Records Request Form provided below and submit it to the City Recorders’ office located inside Fairview City Hall at 7100 City Center Way, Fairview, TN 37062.

In most cases, records requests will be completed within 72 hours and there is a charge of $0.15 per page for black and white copies and $0.50 per page for color copies. For more information on records requests, please contact the City Recorder’s office at (615) 799-2484 ext. 132 or

Accident Report Certification for Release Without Redaction

Pursuant to Public Chapter 111, Acts of 2019, the City of Fairview does not release personally identifying information contained in a motor vehicle accident report, except to a person named in the accident report, such person’s agent, legal representative or attorney, once that individual certifies that he/she has permission from one of the named parties to the accident, to obtain the personally identifying information in the report. Otherwise, the personally identifying information in a motor vehicle accident report is confidential and not open to public inspection under the Tennessee Public Records Act.

“personally identifying information” is defined as street addresses and zip codes, telephone numbers, driver license numbers and insurance information.

In order to receive an unredacted report, we must have a completed Accident Report Certification for Release without Redaction form on file with the Records Request unless you are a party to the accident.