NOTE: BOC work session beginning at 6:00 p.m.

JANUARY 7, 2021
7:00 P.M.


1. Roll Call

2. Call to Order

3. Prayer and Pledge

4. Approval of Agenda and Executive Session Announcements

5. Public Hearing(s)

6. Citizen Comments (Limited to the first 5 citizens to sign in and a limit of 3 minutes each)

7. Public Announcements, Awards and Recognitions

8. Staff Comments and Monthly Reports
A. City Manager Report

9. Consent Agenda (Any Item May be Removed for Individual Consideration)
A. Minutes from the December 17, 2020, Board of Commissioners Meeting
B. Second and Final Reading of Ordinance 2020-26, An Ordinance of the City of Fairview, Tennessee, to Amend Language in the Design Review Manual, Adopted by the Zoning Ordinance as it Pertains to Chapter 2, “Preservation of Existing Trees and Site Features,” Section 2-103.1 “Retention of Existing Trees,” Subsection 2-103.1 (2) “Forested Areas”

10. Old Business

11. New Business
A. Release of Deed of Trust for Joseph Chester from 2004 HOME Program Grant

12. Communications from the Mayor and Commissioners

13. Adjourn to Executive Session

13. Meeting Adjournment



This entire Agenda and all the attached documents for the Board of Commissioners meeting for the date noted herein is a draft and subject to change in accordance with the City Charter, State Statutes, and applicable City Ordinance(s) through the date the Board of Commissioners Meeting is conducted.

Any matters that may be added to the agenda after this posting or the night of the actual meeting will not be included in this posting. It is anticipated such matters will be held to a minimum but the City reserves the absolute right to add any item to the Agenda in accordance with applicable Statutes and or Ordinances.

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